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What are shares?

Shares represent shares of the ownership of a company. The shareholders directly own the shares. Public firms issue a share that anyone can buy as an investment, so they have a price and have a market “weight” based on the company, size, and sustainability. Investors may choose to sell their shares or expect the price to rise.

What are Share CFDs?

CFD on shares is an agreement between a trader and a broker, which is based on the difference in the value of shares. They have no trading time limits as you don’t need to trade directly in the stock market. Working with CFDs is very convenient for those who want to earn money anywhere and anytime.

The effectiveness of CFDs directly depends on the price movement of the underlying asset.

Why is CFD so important?


By buying and selling CFDs on shares, you get the opportunity to earn even in a falling market.

You don’t have to own these shares, but you can choose as many shares as you like and increase your profits.

You are given the opportunity to trade 24 hours a day and 5 days a week.

The liquidity of the market becomes attractive for both novice traders and beginners.

How to trade stock CFDs?


You need to choose one or more stocks (optional) that you will trade. Make your decision based on your knowledge of the company and the latest information about it and the market.

You will need to choose a strategy from existing ones or create your own. When writing a strategy, keep in mind that there is a fee for holding your CFD positions overnight

In order to find out stock prices, be sure to follow the news as well as read analytical forecasts and conduct your own analysis.

In order to get the maximum profit from trading and secure your transactions and finances, you need to set protective orders.

Share CFDs can be used by traders in the same way as other instruments. If you regularly conduct fundamental analysis and be able to predict the rise and fall of prices, then you can try to trade CFDs with Eiler FX!

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About us
About us

The Eiler FX brand and company is owned and operated by IG Group Ltd. Please note that IG Group Ltd is an international company providing services to clients from different countries.

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Risk warning
Risk warning

Please note that trading in CFDs and spot contracts carries a very high level of risk.

Before you start trading CFDs, it can be assumed that you fully cover all financial and legal aspects and accept the risks of loss that may arise in the process of investing.

If necessary, you can always meet with our legal department for additional advice.
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