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How to manage risks?

Every trader knows that trading is a risk. In order to secure your investments, Eiler FX gives advice on how to manage these risks.


Stop Loss and Stop Limit

These two orders will help you keep your profits and not lose your investments. Thanks to orders, levels are determined when positions should be automatically closed. They can be set when opening a position or editing an existing one. You can also adjust their levels or delete orders for open positions.

Guaranteed Stop

Thanks to the order, you can limit possible losses without slippage. It can only be activated when you see the checkbox next to Guaranteed Stop after selecting the Stop Loss level. Unlike Stop Loss and Stop Limit, a 100% stop can only be added to new and pending positions. It cannot be added to active positions, and after activation it cannot be deleted. Also, for adding this order, an additional fee is charged, which is not refundable. The payment amount can only be found out during the setup process.

Trailing Stop

Trailing Stop allows you to lock in your profits. It works like an “adjustable Stop Loss” and automatically closes the position when the price moves against you. When placing an order, you yourself specify the number of points, after reaching which the order will work.

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About us
About us

The Eiler FX brand and company is owned and operated by IG Group Ltd. Please note that IG Group Ltd is an international company providing services to clients from different countries.

If you continue to work on our platform, you agree that the laws of the company's jurisdiction apply to your relationship with Eiler FX.

Risk warning
Risk warning

Please note that trading in CFDs and spot contracts carries a very high level of risk.

Before you start trading CFDs, it can be assumed that you fully cover all financial and legal aspects and accept the risks of loss that may arise in the process of investing.

If necessary, you can always meet with our legal department for additional advice.
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