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To become a pro, you need to master the laws of trading in practice. In order for your practice to be profitable and successful, do not use it without theoretical knowledge about trading financial assets. Even if you already have experience in trading, there is always room for improvement. Always discover new methods and strategies, improve skills and learn useful techniques.

Trading sessions

Here is an overview of the trading sessions so you know what to focus on when trading each session:


Newbie e-books:
These books are suitable for those who are just starting to trade — currency pairs or other assets.

— Day Trading Tutorial by Lewis Borselino
— Trading Chaos Bill Williams
— «Master Trading. The X-Files, Eric Nyman
— «How I Play and Win the Stock Market» by Gary Smith
— «Technical analysis. Course for beginners, Reuters
— «Trading with Dr. Elder» by Alexander Elder
— «Trading is your path to financial freedom» Van Tharp
— Day Trader: Blood, Sweat and Tears of Success by Lewis Borselino

Fundamental analysis
Learn from the best experts and master the art of deep fundamental analysis:

— How to Read Financial Information by Michael Brett
— «The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money», John Keynes

Technical analysis
Reading charts and seeing chart shapes is easier than you think! Candles and lines will easily tell you everything you need. Follow the patterns and you will know where the price will move.

— «Technical Analysis from A to Z» by Steven Akelis
— «New Dimensions of Stock Trading» by Bill Williams
— «Technical analysis. Plain and simple, Michael Kahn
— «Momentum, Direction, Divergence» by William Blau
— «Bollinger on Bollinger Bands» by John Bollinger

Risk management
Risky trading can bring both incredible profits and huge losses. Increase your chances of avoiding losses with industry experts’ advice on risk management!

— «Against the gods. Taming Risk, Peter Bernstein
— «The Mathematics of Money Management» by Ralph Vince
— «Stock game. Make millions by playing with numbers, Ryan Jones

Psychology of trading
Even professional traders believe that developing the right habits and cultivating a healthy attitude towards trading has made them millions! Do not avoid reading about psychology, because any emotional mistake in Forex can cost you money!

— “Psychology of the stock market. Fear, Greed, Panic, David Cohen
— The Psychology of the Forex Market, Thomas Oberlechner
— The Road to Trading by John Piper
— The Psychology of Finance, Lars Tweed
— «Zone Trading» by Mark Douglas
— The Disciplined Trader Mark Douglas
— «Memoirs of a Stock Operator» by Edwin Lefebvre

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Risk warning

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